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Vampiretology ~ The Vampire Enthusiast's Community

~ vampyre ~ blood drinker ~ vampire ~ vampr

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Vampiretology ~ The Vampire Enthusiast's Community

We are not ~

1) A sect, cult or any other religious group. We are only those interested in the lore of Vampires.

2) A Buffy The Vampire Slayer appreciation society. Although this is an aspect of vampire history, we are not interested in non-vampire characters.

3) Vampires ourselves; we do not believe we *are* vampires, but we respect the beliefs of others.

4) Encouraging blood drinking, sacrifice or any other consequences of vampire enthusiasm. We are merely fans of the vampire through time.

5) Responsible for those - inside the community and out - who commit actions because of things of a vampiric nature.

We are ~

1) Fans of the vampire, whether in film, art, literature, myth, legend & other creative and historical aspects.

2) Here for others interested in vampires to talk with others who are interested in vampires.

3) Ready to listen to opinions and constructive critisisim where applicable.

4) Moderated to create a friendly environment for all.

~ If you cannot agree with our terms, we are not for you ~