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Never Thought To Question Why...

Just out of general interest, a question for everyone;

Q) What vampire literature have you read and what films have you seen?
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ive read every anne rice book i can get my hands on...that includes the 'interview...' trilogy,all the spin-offs like blood and gold,pandora,armand,vittorio amongst them...and film wise ive seen and continue to see (lol) interview with the vampire,queen of the damned,bram stokers dracula and maybe a few others i forget...but i am not by any means possible,a buffy fan,sorry to disappoint there ;)
Personally I agree - I find 'Buffy...' extremely weak and stupid... I know there are a lot of fans out there of it but its not exactly rocket science.
Anne Rice is extremely talented, I think she fueled a vampire~goth revival and brought all the b-movie type movies into a more serious plain. The only critisisim I have of her is that I was dissapointed in hearing the origins of Akasha & Enkil- 'an evil spirit entered Akasha...'- I thought she would have come up with something more original.
As for 'Interview...' it is a masterpiece, no two actors could have been so perfectly chosen to play Louis & Lestat. 'Queen of the Damned''s Stuart Townsend was for me, a letdown after Tom Cruise's fantastic performance... anyone else have an opinion on that?

~ Thagan
yes,he was...but to be fair,for the dialogue in the film and such not being as youngsters would say 'complicated',i think it would have been more of a letdown if tom cruise was cast as lestat if the way the film was shot/produced/directed was the same as it turned out with stuart townsend...
as for the evil spirit,i was a bit miffed when i first read of it,but after the explanation from maharet about herself and makale, and the consequences of the spirit itself,i thought she justified it quite well...
Very true...

I wish they'd either followed 'Queen of the Damned' or 'The Vampire Lestat' - I feel the filmakers really crammed everything in but cut out LOT of vital information so the final scenes actually didn't make much sense. They definately should have shown more of Maharet and introducted Armand, Pandora and Mael... did Pandora die in the book? I must get around to reading QotD as soon as possible.
hmmmm...i seem to remember makare making a return,seeings as she'd spent the whole of the book and all existing memory of the trilogy of books in an unknown whereabouts,but just having everyone feel she was getting closer,she just burst in and smacked akashas head off,then they (maharet and makare) ate akashas heart and brain,and should read the book as soon as you can :p
Oh god, here's where I get kicked out...

I've seen Interview With A Vampire and both Blade movies (which probably don't count LOL, but *shrinks* I do like them *shrinks more*)

I'd love book suggestions though - I read everyday and am always looking for something new. Anne Rice seems to be the author to go with. Any others?
You know I have never seen the Blade movies! But I must admit I am interested.

Personally, I would definately reccomend Anne Rice's Blood and Gold [The Vampire Marius] it is certainly my favourite :)
you've never seen Blade?
Well, I like Buffy *hides* And Angel *hides again*

Films, I've seen interview with the vampire (and love it :p), Queen of the damned, both Blade films, underworld, dracula...and loads of others I can't remember at the moment :/

Books...ehh, some of the buffy ones *dissapears*...I keep meaning to read some anne rice ones, i think thats what I'm going to read next
me too!
hmm i've read most of the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice, Lost Souls by Poppy Z. Brite. Dracula by Bram Stoker. I was going to read some of the Anita Blake series by Laurell K. Hamilton but I haven't gotten around to that yet but i've heard they are good. As for movies.. Interview with a Vampire, Queen of the Damned, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Underworld, Blade 1 & 2 :P, The Lost Boys and of course Buffy lol although I don't count Buffy as having anything to do with vampires ;)
Anyone read

Anno Dracula
The Bloddy Red Barron
Dracula Cha Cha Cha
?? Excellent books by the Kim Newman- hard to find but should SO be made into films


Shadow of the Vampire
THE LOST BOYS ( hello ?!?)
Fright Night 1 & 2 ( chessey but still great fun)
Interview ( ofcourse)
Underground ( not totally pants)
Blade ll ( better than the first)
Any Christopher Lee Dracula Movie

Ooo Oooo Dracula with Frank Langella and Kate Nelligan ( first 18 movie I went to see on my 18th birthday ..such a great rendition
Bram Stokers Dracula... Gary Oldman

I could go on and on

I don't even know where to start with the books... authors include Anne Rice, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Laurell K. Hamilton, Nancy Baker, Elaine Bergstrom, Poppy Z. Brite, Barbara Hambly, Bram Stoker, Nancy Kilpatrick, Kim Newman, Dan Simmons and a ton of others.

Surprisingly though, I haven't seen that many vampire movies. I've seen the two versions of Nosferatu, various Draculas, Interview, Queen of the Damned, Blade and some others. Movie suggestions are appreciated! So many that I see in the video stores just look flat out cheesy and not at all what I imagine vampires to be.
I've read Ann Rice's Interview with a Vampire and seen the movie. I'd like to see Queen of the Damned, but I won't see it until I read the book, too.

I've also just checked out The Vampire Armand and The Vampire Lestat.